Voltt Loves Summer 2011

The past 2 years I attended Mysteryland for work, this time I wanted to visit Voltt, where I didn’t have to work (so I thought). When I was just barely minutes awake, I got a call from Voltt, “one of your machines isn’t working”.

Even though it wasn’t part of the contract, I schwung by the office to grab a new one and headed to Voltt.

Upon arrival I was able to fix it, so it was back up and I was ready to party. Starting with Polder (Lauhaus and David Labeij) which was very nice to begin with, the sun even came out during their set, so it was all good…

I was almost in time to hear Koze start (his first track is mostly very weird, but interesting). His sets are never a dull moment, he increases and slows down the speed, uses weird effects/loops/samples and creates something unique.

After him it Henrik Schwarz. Now I didn’t hear him for a long time, so I wanted to hear his set and was I glad I did. He turned the tent upside down, from the moment he started ’till the last notes… So much energy, wow !

Mathias Kaden also noticed this. I always love his sets, but you could see he was struggling a bit with the crowd after a set like Henrik’s. He also admitted it afterwards… When the party was over, the race to Paradiso/the after party began, but even though several people tried to convince me to come, I went home. My knee was acting up again after so much dancing…