Voltt (19.02.11)

I got out of the train from Berlin around 10 at night. I dropped my bags, freshened up and took a shower. After that it was straight to Paradiso to hear Raresh and Ricardo Villalobos.

I was especially looking forward to see/hear Ricardo. I hadn’t seen him since Time Warp last year, so it was a while.

I got a nice spot right behind him, which gave me a nice view of the room and a good spot to shoot some videos (below). I normally don’t like to stand in 1 place the whole time, but with him it’s just fun; seeing how he moves and plays with the crowd around him.

Going to Trouw as well was a bit too much for me (where they bothw ould play another 7 or 8 hours), so I called it a day after Paradiso.

Ricardo Villalobos @ Voltt

Ricardo Villalobos @ Voltt