Time Warp Milan

Cosmopop, the organization behind Time Warp, organised an edition in Milan. Having never been in Milan, this was a good option to party there.

I went with a longtime friend, who I tried to convince for a long time to come with me (to parties outside of Holland). Finally he agreed and so Milan it was.

We left Friday afternoon, arriving in warm Milan around diner time, which gave us a good chance to try the local (but overpaid) cuisine. The first night we stayed in and spent a couple of hours on the game Asphalt 6. Very nice gameplay and addictive…

The next day we went into town, did some sightseeing, some windowshopping and ofcourse had genuine Italian food… After some more racing we headed to Fiero Milano for the Milan edition of Time Warp.

We were in a metro with a lot of people also going to Time Warp and they were singing, making noise and having lots of fun, which was a good warm-up. After following the crowd for about 30 minutes we came to the entrance and got in.

We started in Area 1 where Ellen Allien just ended and where Loco Dice took over. From there we went to see (the star of the night) Carl Cox. Man can this guy play… He played very good ! After that it was on to Richie which was a nice end of the night. The party was fun, but unfortunately not spectacular.

The next day we visited Castello Sforzesco which displayed work from Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo which I enjoyed a lot… On Monday we went back again and the weekend Milan was over again…