Time Warp (29.11.08)

Time Warp had its Dutch edition of their popular 16 hour party. Headliner was French marathon dj Laurent Garnier who played a magnificant 9 hour set in Mannheim (April ’08).

I arrived early since I was supposed to run my Rub.ber Travel stand to promote my bustrips to Time Warp in April of 2009.

When I arrived they seemed to have forgotten it so I basically dragged all my shit for nothing. So no work to be done, just a night of partying which turned out to a lot of smoking joints in the room where the interviews were held and after a long night I was pretty wasted.

I was glad I could hitch a ride back home around 9 in the morning. The party was fun but oh so heavy when you’re not taking any chemicals.

Can’t wait for the real Time Warp in April though… the original is still ‘special’.