Time Warp 2011

It was time to go to Mannheim again for Time Warp, my 11th time in a row. And still I’m not bored. It’s just so much fun seeing so many people you know, because Time Warp is always a sort of reunion.

I took it slow, by chilling at the hotel first, before arriving at Time Warp around 2. I started with Ricardo’s set, where it was a funny in the dj booth, as always.

Next it was on to Sven Väth and he was on a roll this night… I’ve heard him a lot but this was definetely a good set. After running around it was time for Mathias Kaden in area 4. It was his first gig at Time Warp.

Unfortunately for him the light cage in which he had to play offered no contact with the public, which he finds very important. Inside it was very light and you could hardly see outside from the inside and vice versa.

When he finished his set around 9 in the morning I took a quick peek at Chris Liebings set before leaving for the hotel for a 2 hour powernap. After that I returned to the Maimarkthallen to dance in the sun on the parking lot. Until next year…