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Amsterdam Dance Event – day 3 (21.10.11)

  October 25, 2011   Party videos

The third day of the conference was all meetings again and with a packed nightly program.

I started the night with a friend on the Vakant label party in Odeon where Nico Purman was playing.

Static (26.03.11)

  March 27, 2011   Party videos

Yesterday was a quick visit to Westerunie. This time it wasn't an FCA party so I didn't have to work (which is normally when I'm there). This time it was Static.

Rockit (05.03.11)

  March 6, 2011   Party videos

After the last successful edition of Rockit with Michel de Hey we had our hopes up for this edition with Anthony Rother. Unfortunately we had to close area 2 before opening, since there weren't enough tickets sold.

Rockit / 4 Yr Hey Muzik (04.02.11)

  February 15, 2011   Party videos

Rockit is an event where I'm (almost) always work. Unfortunately I'm mostly working somewhere out of sight of music/party, so I don't see a lot of it mostly.

Rockit Christmas Allstars (26.12.10)

  December 27, 2010   Party videos

Boxing day (Decmber 26) is all about parties, there are parties everywhere. There was Rejected in Trouw, Voltt in Paradiso and the one where I was: Rockit Christmas Allstars at the Westerunie.


  February 13, 2010   Party videos

Het 3e weekend op rij dat er Duitse bekenden in de stad waren en dus moest ik er op uit door die barre kou, op naar de Westerunie.

Awakenings, Rotzooi en afters

  February 7, 2010   Party videos

Dat was me het nachtje wel... Een partytour in 4 etappes, te beginnen met Awakenings (Eindhoven), toen terug naar de Westerunie voor 5 jaar Rotzooi, toen door naar 'de Bunker' voor een after en daarna nog chillen bij bekenden thuis.