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Lauhaus in het zand (25.09.11)

  September 26, 2011   Party videos

After an afternoon of longboarding I made a stop on the way back to visit Strand Oog In Al, where the last party of the season was taking place, featuring Lauhaus.

Rockit Open Air 2011

  August 1, 2011   Party videos

If I don't have a festival trip of my own (like Nachtdigital in 2010) I'm at Rockit Open Air, working...

We were in luck this time with the weather, which is a big plus after seeing rain on several festivals already.

030Fest (18.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos

030Fest was a mini festival, organized on Strand Oog In Al, a city beach in Utrecht.

With no plans I decided to join my homie Marco Resmann who was playing there.

Symphonica Elektronica (14.05.11)

  May 14, 2011   Party videos

Today was the first edition of Symphonica Elektronica, a new festival which took place in Utrecht, on the Haarrijnse plas. Normally I hate going to festivals early but now I had to, since one of my best friends was opening on the NL030 stage.

Strand Oog in Al (08.05.11)

  May 9, 2011   Party videos

Utrecht has a nice city beach, called Oog In Al. It's located on a point where 2 canals merge, so water on both sides and nonstop sunny.

I had planned to go there because Norman Weber and Marco Resmann would be playing together (as Luna City Express).

Sunday chill party

  April 11, 2011   Party videos

If you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon, you can just throw your own party, somewhere where you won't disturb anyone. That's what some people did in Utrecht, yesterday.

Lief Festival afterparty 2010

  September 6, 2010   Party videos

After arriving back from in Utrecht from Belgium we crashed at the hotel to quickly freshen up and continue our party streak at Utrecht's Poema Club where Andre Galuzzi was pumping some nice beats.

Lief Festival 2010

  September 6, 2010   Party videos

Lief Festival is a nice, small festival (8000 tickets) which takes place at Strijkviertel in Utrecht. I had to get up a bit early since I wanted to be there around 1 because I want to hear friends (Marcus Meinhardt & Marco Resmann) play.

Sugar Hill Gang (28.12.08)

  December 29, 2008   Party videos

They had a worldwide hit with the first well-known hiphop track "Rappers Delight" in 1978 (the year I was born), which makes their hit 30 years old already but the Sugarhill Gang is still kicking it.

I didn't know they were even playing until the day before, when Joris (my FCA colleague and Tivoli sound engineer) told me he was going there as well.

Teknation (02.06.00)

  June 3, 2000   Party videos

The second edition of Teknation, which took place in the Axl.

It's a nice place with a vaulted ceiling below the street in the center of Utrecht. On the line-up dj’s Sir Jamez, Cell and Jor & Jochem.