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Amsterdam Dance Event – day 1 (19.10.11)

  October 24, 2011   Party videos

The first day of Amsterdam Dance Event 2011. I went to a lot of parties (while I still had the energy) and thus I have a lot of videos.

On the first day I visited the following parties: CLR @ Studio 80, Dr. Lektroluv @ Air, Bpitch @ Sugar Factory, Groove Armada @ Melkweg/Rabozaal and the Intec party @ Paradiso.

Air / Studio 80 (07.10.11)

  October 8, 2011   Party videos

My good friend Marco Resmann was in town and whenever he's in town I join him during the night so this night was no exception.

He had to play at the party Midnight Freaks in Club Air, together with Barem.

12 Inch City & Linke Soep

  April 16, 2011   Party videos

The weekend starts here is a proper description for last night... Marco Resmann (Luna City Express) was in town to play at BC12 and since he's a friend and I had no plans I decided to join him which ended up on a clubhopping tour through Amsterdam.

Joris Voorn Birthday

  February 26, 2011   Party videos

Some nights are just unexpectedly good; like Joris Voorn's birthday. I didn't expect a full club, but when I arrived there was a huge queue and it was full. It was 1 in, 1 out.

Voidd / Midnight Freaks (08.01.11)

  January 9, 2011   Party videos

I broke my resolution of not going out in January in the first weekend after New Years.

I ended up going to Studio 80 first for a few drinks to meet Samuel Kindermann (Einmusik).

24 Hour Partypeople (01.01.11)

  January 2, 2011   Party videos

I stayed in on New Years Eve this year, which was a first time in 12 years or so. I slept in and went to 24 Hour Partypeople with Norman Weber from Luna City Express and my homey Jeff.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 2

  October 25, 2010   Party videos

My second day started with attending a panel which featured DJ Monitors owner Yuri Dokter and Chris Groenewegen from Cloud 9. The topic was "Adding value to the dance community".

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 1

  October 25, 2010   Party videos

Amsterdam Dance Event is always a hectic period. In the past I went to as many clubs to take some pictures everywhere for the websites I used to do. This time I focussed mostly on the daily program.

10 years Boris Werner (10.10.10)

  October 11, 2010   Party videos

In the past I have done a radioshow, called Radio Tosti, with Aron Friedman, Lauhaus and later Boris Werner (who took Melon's place). Yesterday, on 10.10.10 Boris celebrated his 10 year DJ anniversary, with a 10 hour anniversary set.

5 Years Studio 80

  July 12, 2010   Party videos

Studio 80 is already 5 years amongst us. I still remember the opening (while I was working there) and it's been here for 5 years already. Reason enough for a good party. On a boat...