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Prince @ Ahoy (10.07.11)

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

The 2nd concert of Prince in Ahoy after North Sea Jazz, but this time I managed to get an arena ticket. Together with a friend who loves Prince at least as much as I do we drove to Ahoy.

Just when he played the first track we came into the arena. With no "Golden circle" we had to crawl our way to the front where he had a nice view.

Prince @ Ahoy (09.07.11)

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

Prince did 3 nightly concerts after North Sea Jazz and I managed to get tickets for two of them. The first night I sat front row on the 1st ring with quite an ok view.

Prince announced 3 totally different gigs and it was definetely something I didn't expect.

Snoop Dogg @ Watt

  August 25, 2009   Party videos

Wat kan ik beter zeggen als het was perfect.

'Het' was deze avond, mijn 3e concert van Snoop Dogg, dit keer in de Watt in Rotterdam. En zeker de beste en meest energieke van de 3.

15 Years of Nightmare

  December 6, 2008   Party videos

I went to 15 Years of Nightmare in Ahoy, Rotterdam. Now I normally wouldn't have gone as a visitor but this was work, so I had to be there.

It was fun hearing some old school classics, some of which I even danced to, but I was glad it was over.

Time Warp (29.11.08)

  November 30, 2008   Party videos

Time Warp had its Dutch edition of their popular 16 hour party. Headliner was French marathon dj Laurent Garnier who played a magnificant 9 hour set in Mannheim (April '08).

I arrived early since I was supposed to run my Rub.ber Travel stand to promote my bustrips to Time Warp in April of 2009.

Clue Train Manifesto

  April 21, 2001   Party videos

Clue Train Manifesto in de Now & Wow in Rotterdam, was onderdeel van een serie (mislukte) events door Partyjam.

Aan de line-up lag het in elk geval niet. Hier speelden Terence Fixmer (live), DJ Hell, The Advent en Zombie Nation/DJ Splank. Muzikaal was het erg ok, maar het publiek liet het massaal afweten.

Fast Forward Dance Parade (12.08.00)

  August 13, 2000   Party videos

Rotterdam's own parade: the Fast Forward. With approx 150.000 visitors a nice party...

4 Elements (27.05.00)

  May 28, 2000   Party videos

The Silver Star Awards turned into the Lucky Strike Dance Awards (when tabacco was still allowed to sponsor events) and were held on May 27, 2000 in Ahoy in Rotterdam. Hosted by nightlife reporter Mick Boskamp.

I forgot who won some awards, but on the photos you can see Tiësto and Stefan Robbers (Acid Junkies) receiving an award.

Escape From Temptation (29.01.00)

  January 30, 2000   Party videos

There was a boat party in Rotterdam called "Escape From Tempation". This was a serie that ran for a while but died.

Dj’s on the bill were Billy Nasty, Jerome, Laidback Luke and Sir Jamez.

Innovate Boat party (22.10.99)

  October 23, 1999   Party videos

I can remember it was a boatparty in Rotterdam and as you can see on the photos, you can see who's playing.

I went with our regular group of friends and it was fun. That's about all I can remember, but hey it's over 10 years ago ;)