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Tunnelrave 2008

  September 21, 2008   Party videos

Autoloze zondag. Een fenomeen dat we lang niet hebben gezien. En dit biedt mogelijkheden voor een feestje op straat.

In de Torontotunnel (onder de Wibautstraat) organiseerde Lovin' Lektro een middag rave. Allemaal local dj's en veel partypeople. Een leuke zondagmiddag invulling.

Legalize Street Parade 2004

  June 7, 2004   Party videos

De Legalize Street Parade is aan banden gelegd en moest daarom vertrekken vanaf het Waterlooplein, bijna gelijk de IJ tunnel in en zo door naar Amsterdam Noord, om daar verder te demonstreren...

De meeste mensen kwamen eigenlijk alleen maar voor een leuk feestje... en dat was het ook.

Fast Forward Dance Parade (12.08.00)

  August 13, 2000   Party videos

Rotterdam's own parade: the Fast Forward. With approx 150.000 visitors a nice party...

DanceValley (05.08.00)

  August 6, 2000   Party videos

DanceValley (under the old management) was spectacular. Also this was the disastrous year, where they sold waaaaay too many tickets which caused a lot of problems after the end of the festival such as a burning bus and several people getting hypothermia.

Beachbop (16.07.00)

  July 17, 2000   Party videos

Bloemendaal Beach was 'home' to the very successful parties Beacbop, which took place every last Sunday of the month during the summer.

This was before they gated up the entire beach and started to let people pay... Back in the old days...

New Frontier (15.07.00)

  July 16, 2000   Party videos

New Frontier took place only once and it was a disaster. It rained like hell turning the entire festival area into a giant mud pool.

As a bonus I found my car got towed, so I don't really have a lof of fond memories of this party.

CHemistry in the mountains (24.06.00)

  June 25, 2000   Party videos

Chemistry organised 2 parties in Israel. The second one took place on 'The Oistrich Farm' in the mountains with dj’s Lucien Foort, 100% Isis and some Israeli dj who I forgot.

CHemistry on the beach (23.06.00)

  June 24, 2000   Party videos

Chemistry organised 2 parties in Israel. The first one took place on the famous Dolphin Reef beach with dj’s Lucien Foort, Dimitri and 100% Isis.

Legalize Street Parade (27.05.00)

  May 27, 2000   Party videos

The street rave in protest on the war on drugs. After decorating the trucks we drove to the Dam square for a protest, a speech and music.

From there on we moved with a big following (the weather was great) through town, back to the harbour area where the party continued.

Queensday 2000

  April 30, 2000   Party videos

One of Holland’s finest days; Queensday. It’s the national excuse to get drunk and party hard.

Always good fun.