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Hell & Dunkel Open Air 2011

  September 5, 2011   Party videos

My first time Hell & Dunkel Open Air. Unfortunately there was no demand for a bus trip but maybe next year. This meant I also had to fix my own transportation instead of going by bus, since it's a bit too far on my scooter.

Voltt Loves Summer 2011

  September 5, 2011   Party videos

The past 2 years I attended Mysteryland for work, this time I wanted to visit Voltt, where I didn't have to work (so I thought). When I was just barely minutes awake, I got a call from Voltt, "one of your machines isn't working".

Even though it wasn't part of the contract, I schwung by the office to grab a new one and headed to Voltt.

Kiesgrube (21.08.11)

  August 22, 2011   Party videos

This weekend was planned to be the only one I had 'free' as in no work, no festival, no parties, just relaxing... Since a lot of people were at Lowlands, it was nice and quiet...

But I saw Kiesgrube was organized and I didn't go for a long time... So impulsively we drove to Neuss on Sunday.

SonneMondSterne 2011

  August 16, 2011   Party videos

What can I say about SonneMondSterne ? I have always had a soft spot for this festival. When I called them back in 2002 and told them I wanted to do bustrips and do their promotion in Holland, 1 of the 2 owners jumped in his car the next day and drove over 600 kilometers to meet me.

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig @ Vondelpark

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig did a free concert in Vondelpark and I wanted to practice a bit with my new cam, so I went despite the rain.

After their gig I shot a quick clip of them to promote their gig at Rockit Open Air, the week after.

Melt! Festival 2011

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

Like last year and the years before I went to Melt! Festival, partially work related, partially to party. I have to admit, the line-up was a bit too non-dance minded for me.

Latin Village (26.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos

The day after Awakenings Festival it's Latin Village which takes place on the same location (minus 2 areas).

It's not that I came for the music, I was there to (help) pickup our recording machines.

Awakenings Festival (25.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos

Awakenings Festival is always a highlight, but this time they didn't have as much luck as previous years with the weather.

It had been raining a lot and rubber boots were a necessary item this day.

030Fest (18.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos

030Fest was a mini festival, organized on Strand Oog In Al, a city beach in Utrecht.

With no plans I decided to join my homie Marco Resmann who was playing there.

Free Your Mind Festival 2011

  June 16, 2011   Party videos

Free Your Mind was a long week this year. I was on the festival area from Monday 'till Sunday, taking photos of the buildup and all things around it... Pics of it will be online later, but first the festival.