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Strafwerk (02.11.12)

  December 3, 2011   Party videos

Strafwerk (translation: detention) was a party I had never heard of before, but I was soon to find out, since Luna City Express (Marco Resmann & Norman Weber) were playing there.

The party was great fun, with people on stage folding paper planes, throwing paper balls in to the club, like one does in detention.

Amsterdam Dance Event – day 3 (21.10.11)

  October 25, 2011   Party videos

The third day of the conference was all meetings again and with a packed nightly program.

I started the night with a friend on the Vakant label party in Odeon where Nico Purman was playing.

Amsterdam Dance Event – day 2 (20.10.11)

  October 25, 2011   Party videos

Day 2 of Amsterdam was a very nice day. After having an entire day filled with meetings I got to go to the private Boilerroom party featuring Richie Hawtin.

I was very late (I missed the sets by Dubfire, Ambivalent and Seth Troxler) and was one of the last ones allowed in. I got to see about 45 minutes but it was worth it.

Amsterdam Dance Event – day 1 (19.10.11)

  October 24, 2011   Party videos

The first day of Amsterdam Dance Event 2011. I went to a lot of parties (while I still had the energy) and thus I have a lot of videos.

On the first day I visited the following parties: CLR @ Studio 80, Dr. Lektroluv @ Air, Bpitch @ Sugar Factory, Groove Armada @ Melkweg/Rabozaal and the Intec party @ Paradiso.

Prince @ Melkweg (24.07.11)

  July 25, 2011   Party videos

Due to the tragedy in Norway, Prince cancelled his shows there and came to the Melkweg to rehearse. He decided to do 2 last minute concerts... It was announced on Twitter around 9 pm, about an hour later I was queueing.

House Of Pain (28.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos

Everybody knows House Of Pain and since they were in Amsterdam, I wanted to see if they still got it going on.

I came in during the first song so right on time, but they didn't really do it for me. Only the last song, Jump Around, was nice.

Klinch @ Melkweg (06.05.11)

  May 9, 2011   Party videos

Friday was a special day. Karocel was scheduled to play in the Melkweg. Karocel is a project by Mathias Kaden, Marbert Rocel and Mitchi Nagler.

I first heard them at NachtDigital where they rocked the mainstage in the sun, which was one of the best sets of the summer.

Traffic (28.01.11)

  January 29, 2011   Party videos

I think this was the first time ever that I went out in every weekend of January. Normally I take it a bit slow, but this year I went out a lot already (so it seems). In any way, it was every weekend and yesterday's destination was Melkweg for Traffic.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 2

  October 25, 2010   Party videos

My second day started with attending a panel which featured DJ Monitors owner Yuri Dokter and Chris Groenewegen from Cloud 9. The topic was "Adding value to the dance community".

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 1

  October 25, 2010   Party videos

Amsterdam Dance Event is always a hectic period. In the past I went to as many clubs to take some pictures everywhere for the websites I used to do. This time I focussed mostly on the daily program.