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Berlin Festival 2010

  September 11, 2010   Party videos

Since I was in Berlin for Popkomm and my flight out was on Saturday morning 8 am (I didn't book it...) I decided to go to the Friday night of Berlin Festival, which took place, like Popkomm, on the airport Tempelhof.

Popkomm 2010

  September 11, 2010   Party videos

For my work for DJ Monitor I went to the music fair Popkomm which took place from Sept. 8-10 at the former airport Tempelhof in the middle of Berlin.

SonneMondSterne 2010

  August 15, 2010   Party videos

Since 2002 the 2nd weekend of August is widely blocked for one festival; SonneMondSterne, which made it my 9th edition this year.

Nachtdigital 13

  August 2, 2010   Party videos

My first time Nachtdigital in Olganitz. In a huge bus with about 75 other people we drove through the night to arrive shortly before noon at the site.

Melt! Festival 2010

  July 20, 2010   Party videos

This year it was Melt's 13th edition (and my 7th) and I had arranged 3 busses filled with people going to the festival, departing from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Breda. 160 people in total; a new 'Melt' record.

CnB Convention 2010

  June 27, 2010   Party videos

CnB is the bizznizz part of the C/O Pop Festival (which is a name that more people will know) and I was attending this years convention.

Home Sweet Home (23.05.10)

  May 26, 2010   Party videos

For weeks I had planned this trip to Berlin and I was hella excited to go... Saturday around 1 I left my house and returning 10 min later for a forgotten passport. I rushed oved to the train station to find out the train was 30 minutes delayed. A good start of my trip....

Time Warp 2010

  March 29, 2010   Party videos

15 years of Time Warp... En mijn 11e keer maar liefst. Gelukkig deze keer weer op mijn eigen benen ipv in een rolstoel. De reis verliep voorspoedig en het feest was weer een klapper van jewelste.

Cocoon – New Years Eve

  January 1, 2010   Party videos

Op 31 december 2000 organiseerde ik mijn eerste busreis, toen naar U60311, waar Sven Väth zijn party "Cocoon - A Space Odyssey 2000" organiseerde.

Fatboy Slim @ Week End

  November 6, 2009   Party videos

Tijdens het ADE kreeg ik het goede nieuws dat een bekende van me mijn held Fatboy Slim had geboekt voor een dj set in de Weekend Club in Berlijn, 2 weken later.