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A summer in bracelets

  September 26, 2010   Party videos

For work and fun I visited many parties and festivals again this summer. On all of them you get a bracelet to get backstage or onstage, depending where our gear was.

TodaysArt (24.09.10)

  September 25, 2010   Party videos

For some time I've been wanting to go to TodaysArt in The Hague. I had invitations in the past years, but I was never able to go. This year I really wanted to check it out, so together with some friends we drove to The Hague.

Berlin Festival 2010

  September 11, 2010   Party videos

Since I was in Berlin for Popkomm and my flight out was on Saturday morning 8 am (I didn't book it...) I decided to go to the Friday night of Berlin Festival, which took place, like Popkomm, on the airport Tempelhof.

Nu Festival 2010

  September 6, 2010   Party videos

From Lief Festival we drove to Heers in Belgium where Marcus Meinhardt had as well. It was the first time the festival took place, so we had no idea what to expect.

Lief Festival 2010

  September 6, 2010   Party videos

Lief Festival is a nice, small festival (8000 tickets) which takes place at Strijkviertel in Utrecht. I had to get up a bit early since I wanted to be there around 1 because I want to hear friends (Marcus Meinhardt & Marco Resmann) play.

Mysteryland 2010

  August 29, 2010   Party videos

It was Saturdaymorning 7 am when my alarmclock went of to wake me up to go to Mysteryland. The day before we dropped of all our equipment and now it was time to hook 'em all up.

Decibel 2010

  August 22, 2010   Party videos

Sometimes work isn't always fun, like yesterday when I had to work at Deceibel Festival at recreational area Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. It was a hardstyle/hardcore festival and since I hate that music, you can imagine it a bit...

Loveland 2010

  August 15, 2010   Party videos

Just when I had planned to go out Fridaynight I was asked to drop of something at Loveland the day after, at 9 in the morning. After 3,5 hours sleep I kinda regret I said I would.

SonneMondSterne 2010

  August 15, 2010   Party videos

Since 2002 the 2nd weekend of August is widely blocked for one festival; SonneMondSterne, which made it my 9th edition this year.

Nachtdigital 13

  August 2, 2010   Party videos

My first time Nachtdigital in Olganitz. In a huge bus with about 75 other people we drove through the night to arrive shortly before noon at the site.