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  • SonneMondSterne 2011

      August 16, 2011
    Wood sculture of the SMS logo
    What can I say about SonneMondSterne ? I have always had a soft spot for this festival. When I called them back in 2002 and told them I wanted to do bustrips and do their promotion in Holland, 1 of the 2 owners jumped in his car the next day and drove over 600 kilometers to meet me.
  • Nachtdigital 2011

      August 9, 2011
    Nachtdigital main stage
    My 2nd time Nachtdigital. We left perfectly in time from Amsterdam and Utrecht with a doubledecker bus filled with partypeople, ready to go wild for about 48 hours. Our departure was perfect, but after about an hour, the heating element showed the motor was overheating, so we drove into a garage at 3 am, where a mechanic was waiting. He checked it, fixed it and after about 2 hours we were on our way again.
  • Melt! Festival 2011

      August 9, 2011
    One of the 5 cranes @ Melt!
    Like last year and the years before I went to Melt! Festival, partially work related, partially to party. I have to admit, the line-up was a bit too non-dance minded for me.
  • Rockit Open Air 2011

      August 1, 2011
    Ellen Allien @ Rockit Open Air
    If I don't have a festival trip of my own (like Nachtdigital in 2010) I'm at Rockit Open Air, working... We were in luck this time with the weather, which is a big plus after seeing rain on several festivals already.
  • Latin Village (26.06.11)

      June 30, 2011
    Latin Village main stage
    The day after Awakenings Festival it's Latin Village which takes place on the same location (minus 2 areas). It's not that I came for the music, I was there to (help) pickup our recording machines.
  • Awakenings Festival (25.06.11)

      June 30, 2011
    Stage W @ Awakenings Festival
    Awakenings Festival is always a highlight, but this time they didn't have as much luck as previous years with the weather. It had been raining a lot and rubber boots were a necessary item this day.
  • 030Fest (18.06.11)

      June 30, 2011
    Pinxt @ 030Fest
    030Fest was a mini festival, organized on Strand Oog In Al, a city beach in Utrecht. With no plans I decided to join my homie Marco Resmann who was playing there.
  • Free Your Mind Festival 2011

      June 16, 2011
    Free Your Mind was a long week this year. I was on the festival area from Monday 'till Sunday, taking photos of the buildup and all things around it... Pics of it will be online later, but first the festival.
  • Symphonica Elektronica (14.05.11)

      May 14, 2011
    Symphonica Elektronica
    Today was the first edition of Symphonica Elektronica, a new festival which took place in Utrecht, on the Haarrijnse plas. Normally I hate going to festivals early but now I had to, since one of my best friends was opening on the NL030 stage.
  • 5 Days Off (03.03.11)

      March 6, 2011
    5 Days Off is a 5 day indoor festival in Paradiso and Melkweg. It features a wide range of artists varying from Koze to De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. I went to the Thursday night in the Melkweg, featuring Ellen Allien, Joris Voorn, Koze, Stephan Bennemann, Isolee and John Roberts.