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Azari and III @ Gretchen (19.11.11)

  November 20, 2011   Party videos

I was back in Berlin and I found out Azari and III was playing that day. With nothing planned yet, I went to the concert, which was nice.

The location was super, check the ceiling.

Prince @ Ahoy (10.07.11)

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

The 2nd concert of Prince in Ahoy after North Sea Jazz, but this time I managed to get an arena ticket. Together with a friend who loves Prince at least as much as I do we drove to Ahoy.

Just when he played the first track we came into the arena. With no "Golden circle" we had to crawl our way to the front where he had a nice view.

Prince @ Ahoy (09.07.11)

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

Prince did 3 nightly concerts after North Sea Jazz and I managed to get tickets for two of them. The first night I sat front row on the 1st ring with quite an ok view.

Prince announced 3 totally different gigs and it was definetely something I didn't expect.

Prince @ Melkweg (24.07.11)

  July 25, 2011   Party videos

Due to the tragedy in Norway, Prince cancelled his shows there and came to the Melkweg to rehearse. He decided to do 2 last minute concerts... It was announced on Twitter around 9 pm, about an hour later I was queueing.

House Of Pain (28.06.11)

  June 30, 2011   Party videos

Everybody knows House Of Pain and since they were in Amsterdam, I wanted to see if they still got it going on.

I came in during the first song so right on time, but they didn't really do it for me. Only the last song, Jump Around, was nice.

Prince @ Gelredome (18.11.10)

  November 19, 2010   Party videos

Some artists announce their concerts months in advance, but not if you're Prince Roger Nelson. Then you announce it 2 weeks before you're coming.

TodaysArt (24.09.10)

  September 25, 2010   Party videos

For some time I've been wanting to go to TodaysArt in The Hague. I had invitations in the past years, but I was never able to go. This year I really wanted to check it out, so together with some friends we drove to The Hague.

Wu Tang Clan (25.07.10)

  July 26, 2010   Party videos

I'd been looking forward to this day for quite a while, since the Wu Tang Clan would 'do' Paradiso.

Method Man only does the first 4 gigs of the tour, which luckily included Amsterdam so the entire clan was there and not just some members.

Prince (10.07.10)

  July 11, 2010   Party videos

One of my best friends surprised me with a concert ticket for Prince, knowing I'm a big fan. He had plans to go with a girl but after several girls weren't looking forward to driving up and down to Belgium for a couple of hours, he couldn't find a date.

Snoop Dogg @ Melkweg (28.06.10)

  June 30, 2010   Party videos

Since his gig was cancelled at Parkpop I couldn't see him, which I had planned. With less than 2 hours before the gig I wanted to go to, so I found a ticket online and went to the venue.