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CnB Convention 2010

  June 27, 2010   Party videos

CnB is the bizznizz part of the C/O Pop Festival (which is a name that more people will know) and I was attending this years convention.

Pollerwiesen (14.06.09)

  June 15, 2009   Party videos

The last time I visited Pollerwiesen is ages ago (at least 2 or 3 years), so when the opportunity came to get a lift to Cologne on the day of Pollerwiesen, I grabbed it and went to the Jugendpark next to the Rhine.

Innercity Cologne (10.06.00)

  June 11, 2000   Party videos

After Israel (Eilat) and Belgium (Bruxelles) Innercity now went East to Cologne where they had booked 4 halls in the Cologne Expo, which was a bit of a miscalculation. A lot of tickets weren’t sold, which resulted in closing 3 of 4 halls and cancelling a lot of names.