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Static (26.03.11)

  March 27, 2011   Party videos

Yesterday was a quick visit to Westerunie. This time it wasn't an FCA party so I didn't have to work (which is normally when I'm there). This time it was Static.

Rockit (05.03.11)

  March 6, 2011   Party videos

After the last successful edition of Rockit with Michel de Hey we had our hopes up for this edition with Anthony Rother. Unfortunately we had to close area 2 before opening, since there weren't enough tickets sold.

5 Days Off (03.03.11)

  March 6, 2011   Party videos

5 Days Off is a 5 day indoor festival in Paradiso and Melkweg. It features a wide range of artists varying from Koze to De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. I went to the Thursday night in the Melkweg, featuring Ellen Allien, Joris Voorn, Koze, Stephan Bennemann, Isolee and John Roberts.

Traffic (28.01.11)

  January 29, 2011   Party videos

I think this was the first time ever that I went out in every weekend of January. Normally I take it a bit slow, but this year I went out a lot already (so it seems). In any way, it was every weekend and yesterday's destination was Melkweg for Traffic.

Voidd / Midnight Freaks (08.01.11)

  January 9, 2011   Party videos

I broke my resolution of not going out in January in the first weekend after New Years.

I ended up going to Studio 80 first for a few drinks to meet Samuel Kindermann (Einmusik).

24 Hour Partypeople (01.01.11)

  January 2, 2011   Party videos

I stayed in on New Years Eve this year, which was a first time in 12 years or so. I slept in and went to 24 Hour Partypeople with Norman Weber from Luna City Express and my homey Jeff.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 2

  October 25, 2010   Party videos

My second day started with attending a panel which featured DJ Monitors owner Yuri Dokter and Chris Groenewegen from Cloud 9. The topic was "Adding value to the dance community".

Amsterdam Dance Event 2010 – 1

  October 25, 2010   Party videos

Amsterdam Dance Event is always a hectic period. In the past I went to as many clubs to take some pictures everywhere for the websites I used to do. This time I focussed mostly on the daily program.

TodaysArt (24.09.10)

  September 25, 2010   Party videos

For some time I've been wanting to go to TodaysArt in The Hague. I had invitations in the past years, but I was never able to go. This year I really wanted to check it out, so together with some friends we drove to The Hague.

RBMA iPad event @ Trouw (16.09.10)

  September 17, 2010   Party videos

Red Bull Music Academy organized an event in the Amsterdam club Trouw to promote the launch of their iPad/iPhone application.