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Innercity Bruxelles (22.04.00)

  April 23, 2000   Party videos

Innercity’s first adventure abroad and it was quite a succesful one. At least for us it was.

A good line-up, good music and nice people. What do you want more…

On the line-up were Monika Kruse, Acid Junkies (live), Westbam, CJ Bolland (live), Miss Djax, 100% Isis, Tiësto, Zzino and others.

Fuse (15.01.00)

  January 16, 2000   Party videos

Since my first visit to the Fuse I've been wanting to go back. And an opportunity presented itself when Bruxelles finest club invited Jay Denham.

It was techno time !

Student party @ Fuse

  December 21, 1999   Party videos

It was a Monday night and Sir Jamez (back then a friend) was booked to play in Fuse, in Bruxelles. Howcome on a Monday night ? It was a student party.

This was a real techno night, also with T-Quest on the line-up. Straight up 4 to the floor techno.