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Studio 80 – 6th anniversary

  August 9, 2011   Party videos

Studio 80, the Amsterdam club where I worked for over a year when it opened, celebrated its 6th anniversary. It was a boat party, combined with a beach party.

To transport the people from the boat to the beach I was asked to arrange shuttle busses and so I did...

5 Years Studio 80

  July 12, 2010   Party videos

Studio 80 is already 5 years amongst us. I still remember the opening (while I was working there) and it's been here for 5 years already. Reason enough for a good party. On a boat...

Escape From Temptation (29.01.00)

  January 30, 2000   Party videos

There was a boat party in Rotterdam called "Escape From Tempation". This was a serie that ran for a while but died.

Dj’s on the bill were Billy Nasty, Jerome, Laidback Luke and Sir Jamez.

Cruises to Pleasure (01.01.00)

  January 2, 2000   Party videos

New Years Eve was a party, but on January 1 I had discovered another nice party, namely Cruises to Pleasure in Antwerp, organized by a guy named Mario.

I drove there with a friend and it turned out to be a very nice boat party with Smos & Baby Bee, Marco (La Rocca), Michel de Hey and others.

Innovate Boat party (22.10.99)

  October 23, 1999   Party videos

I can remember it was a boatparty in Rotterdam and as you can see on the photos, you can see who's playing.

I went with our regular group of friends and it was fun. That's about all I can remember, but hey it's over 10 years ago ;)