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Love Parade 2000

  July 9, 2000   Party videos

My second Love Parade but this year I was on the Vandit/PVD truck. What an experience !

I never saw anything like it.

Licht ‘n Liebe (07.07.00)

  July 8, 2000   Party videos

Low Spirit (partially responsible for the Love Parade in these years) organised 2 nights at Arena/Glashaus.

This was the first one with Takkyu Ischino, Bad Boy Bill, Sven UK, Hardy Hard and others.

Love From Above (07.07.00)

  July 8, 2000   Party videos

I was invited to come along with DJ Stef, who was invited by Paul Van Dyk to play at his Love From Above party, together with Dave Seaman.

It was not my kind of music, but definetely fun to experience.

Love Parade (10.07.99)

  July 12, 1999   Party videos

I had heard of the Love Parade and I wanted to experience it myself, there were 2 problems. 1) I was supposed to be in Göteborg (Sweden) until the day before the parade. 2) Nobody wanted to come with me.

The week before the Love Parade there was a gymnastic event, called Worldastrada and it took place in Göteborg, Sweden. I was ending my carreer in gymnastics (17 years) and this was the last event I would participate in.