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Nu Festival 2010

  September 6, 2010   Party videos

From Lief Festival we drove to Heers in Belgium where Marcus Meinhardt had as well. It was the first time the festival took place, so we had no idea what to expect.

Prince (10.07.10)

  July 11, 2010   Party videos

One of my best friends surprised me with a concert ticket for Prince, knowing I'm a big fan. He had plans to go with a girl but after several girls weren't looking forward to driving up and down to Belgium for a couple of hours, he couldn't find a date.

Kozzmozz (02.07.00)

  July 2, 2000   Party videos

Kozzmozz is wicked, what can I say more. It was definetely worth it to drive 3 hours and party hard…

This night featured Kozz, Anthony Rother (live), Steve Rachmad, Adam Beyer, T-Quest, Rush (live) and others.

Innercity Bruxelles (22.04.00)

  April 23, 2000   Party videos

Innercity’s first adventure abroad and it was quite a succesful one. At least for us it was.

A good line-up, good music and nice people. What do you want more…

On the line-up were Monika Kruse, Acid Junkies (live), Westbam, CJ Bolland (live), Miss Djax, 100% Isis, Tiësto, Zzino and others.

Techno Nation 15.04.00

  April 16, 2000   Party videos

Techno Nation is 1 dj playing a long set. In this case it was my hero (back then) Sven Väth, with T-Quest as a warm-up.

Sven played a nice, loud set for 4 hours. Definetely worth the trip.

Kozzmozz (18.03.00)

  March 19, 2000   Party videos

Kozzmozz is always great, as was this edition.`

On the line-up: Justin Berkovi (live), Jeff Mills (decks & 909), Kenny Larkin, Oliver Ho, Jim Masterson and others.

Fuse (15.01.00)

  January 16, 2000   Party videos

Since my first visit to the Fuse I've been wanting to go back. And an opportunity presented itself when Bruxelles finest club invited Jay Denham.

It was techno time !

Cruises to Pleasure (01.01.00)

  January 2, 2000   Party videos

New Years Eve was a party, but on January 1 I had discovered another nice party, namely Cruises to Pleasure in Antwerp, organized by a guy named Mario.

I drove there with a friend and it turned out to be a very nice boat party with Smos & Baby Bee, Marco (La Rocca), Michel de Hey and others.

Student party @ Fuse

  December 21, 1999   Party videos

It was a Monday night and Sir Jamez (back then a friend) was booked to play in Fuse, in Bruxelles. Howcome on a Monday night ? It was a student party.

This was a real techno night, also with T-Quest on the line-up. Straight up 4 to the floor techno.

I Love Techno (06.11.99)

  November 7, 1999   Party videos

WOW... That describes my first time at I Love Techno best, I think. I was so lucky to obtain a press pass so I had all access to go around and take pics of all those dj's.

I was blown away by Laurent Garnier who played one of the best sets I have ever heard, until today (June 2010). Also top sets from Sven Väth, Surgeon, Ben Sims and Jeff Mills and Justin Berkovi. What a blast !