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Lauhaus in het zand (25.09.11)

  September 26, 2011   Party videos

After an afternoon of longboarding I made a stop on the way back to visit Strand Oog In Al, where the last party of the season was taking place, featuring Lauhaus.

Strand Oog in Al (08.05.11)

  May 9, 2011   Party videos

Utrecht has a nice city beach, called Oog In Al. It's located on a point where 2 canals merge, so water on both sides and nonstop sunny.

I had planned to go there because Norman Weber and Marco Resmann would be playing together (as Luna City Express).

SonneMondSterne 2010

  August 15, 2010   Party videos

Since 2002 the 2nd weekend of August is widely blocked for one festival; SonneMondSterne, which made it my 9th edition this year.

Sonar 2010

  June 20, 2010   Party videos

With people all around me going to Barcelona for the annual Sonar conference I was a bit jealous... I wanted to go to so Thursday night I was looking online for flights and actually found a cheap one, so I Just booked it, leaving Friday at 12.15.

Free Your Mind pre-party @ Woodstock

  April 26, 2010   Party videos

Met nog dik een maand te gaan voor Free Your Mind weer haar deuren opent was het nu tijd voor een pre-party op Bloemendaals Woodstock.

Beachbop (16.07.00)

  July 17, 2000   Party videos

Bloemendaal Beach was 'home' to the very successful parties Beacbop, which took place every last Sunday of the month during the summer.

This was before they gated up the entire beach and started to let people pay... Back in the old days...

CHemistry on the beach (23.06.00)

  June 24, 2000   Party videos

Chemistry organised 2 parties in Israel. The first one took place on the famous Dolphin Reef beach with dj’s Lucien Foort, Dimitri and 100% Isis.