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Anton Pieete @ Paladium (25.11.11)

  November 26, 2011   Party videos

Anton Pieete called out for a driver on his Facebook and since I had nothing planned, I agreed to drive him to and from Arnhem. He had to play there and his driver wanted to drink as well, so I had to be the sober one.

We drove there and got to a gig which was a disaster. There were about 30 people (including staff). Needless to say it was a tough party.

Free Your Mind Festival 2011

  June 16, 2011   Party videos

Free Your Mind was a long week this year. I was on the festival area from Monday 'till Sunday, taking photos of the buildup and all things around it... Pics of it will be online later, but first the festival.

Qlimax (27.11.10)

  November 28, 2010   Party videos

About a week ago I also was in the Gelredome. Then it was for a Prince concert, this time it was work; Qlimax 2010.

Definetely not my kind of music, but work can't always be perfect. And since none of 'my engineers' could go, I had to go myself.

Prince @ Gelredome (18.11.10)

  November 19, 2010   Party videos

Some artists announce their concerts months in advance, but not if you're Prince Roger Nelson. Then you announce it 2 weeks before you're coming.

Free Your Mind 2010

  June 6, 2010   Party videos

Free Your Mind is a must go to.... It's the opening festival of the season in Holland and always it's a big success. Everybody has been hiding out all winter and now they let it all hang out...

Free Your Mind Festival 2009

  June 8, 2009   Party videos

Over Free Your Mind 2009 kan ik heel kort zijn. Het was droog, we waren uitverkocht en de bezoekers hadden een goede tijd. Ook verliep het productioneel allemaal redelijk soepel.

Helaas heb ik door een tijdelijk beperking en werk niet veel kunnen zien. Wat ik wel gezien heb is een stukje van Lauhaus & Boris Werner, een beetje van Bart Skils en Remy’s laatste 15 minuten.