Symphonica Elektronica (14.05.11)

Today was the first edition of Symphonica Elektronica, a new festival which took place in Utrecht, on the Haarrijnse plas. Normally I hate going to festivals early but now I had to, since one of my best friends was opening on the NL030 stage.

After a ride with the shuttle bus I arrived at the location. The first thing I noticed was the wind… One was almost blown away by the constant wind across the lake.

I listened to Kraak Noch Smaak, the reason I came for. For those who don’t know them; they’re a Youtube DJ team. They mix Youtube clips into a mix. Normally they have a screen so you can also see the videos which go with the clips, but for some reason the 2 screens on stage weren’t working.

After they were done, we took a lap around the area to see what else was going on… Since it was early not a lot (yet). We found a couch somewhere out of the wind in the sun, so we sat there for about an hour, listening to the mainstage (where Filterheadz were pounding some techno).

The line-up wasn’t really in a certain line, it went up and down… Didn’t really make a lot of sense to me… When Aeroplane took the stage we took a look there, since everybody seemed to be flocking to the mainstage for him. And credit to him, because he did a good job… a lot of hands came in the air and the atmosphere was good (for the first time that day).

We then went back to the 2nd stage to listen to Eric de Man. Now I normally like his sets a lot, but this one was very boring and without any climaxes. That, combined with a very strong cold wind made me leave around 5. This was only the first of many festivals to come…