Strand Oog in Al (08.05.11)

Utrecht has a nice city beach, called Oog In Al. It’s located on a point where 2 canals merge, so water on both sides and nonstop sunny.

I had planned to go there because Norman Weber and Marco Resmann would be playing together (as Luna City Express).

Since this is a rare thing, I wanted to go and say hi. But nobody wanted to come with me and I didn’t feel like going alone… Thinking about how to solve this I saw another friend, Boris Werner, was also playing so I called him up and bumbed a ride. We drove there with his booker Vassallo in her convertible, which was extremely nice (on the way to…).

When we arrived we heard Marco’s plane was cancelled from Italy so he couldn’t make it and it would be ‘just’ Norman, which was a bit of a bummer but they couldn’t help it. Boris prepared and played his set while the sun was still out… We chilled in the grass, smoking grass and danced to Boris and later Norman’s tunes.

We left around 8, since Boris wanted to see a soccer game :) On the way back it was fairly chilly in the back of the car in jsut a t-shirt. Will remind that the next time ;)