SonneMondSterne 2011

What can I say about SonneMondSterne ? I have always had a soft spot for this festival. When I called them back in 2002 and told them I wanted to do bustrips and do their promotion in Holland, 1 of the 2 owners jumped in his car the next day and drove over 600 kilometers to meet me.

We spoke not more than an hour and ever since I’m involved in SonneMondSterne. I started doing the presale in Holland and Belgium, doing the promotion there as well (which is now hardly necessary anymore) and organized bustrips from Holland.

Through the years I did some extra things as well such as accompanying press to the stages. They used to only let Press on stage under the guidance of crew. That has now changed so I’m not doing that anymore. The past 3 years I’ve been ‘in charge’ of the Muna tent, handling the artists and the stage, which is lots of fun, but heavy as hell since this tent doesn’t stop. It’s 46 hours non-stop party.

That’s why most pics/vids are shot in the Muna tent…
Be sure to check out the 2 videos of “Die Vögel”, they rocked the hell out of the Muna tent.