SonneMondSterne 2010

Since 2002 the 2nd weekend of August is widely blocked for one festival; SonneMondSterne, which made it my 9th edition this year.

The beginning of the week looked promising; weatherwise but as departure approached the weather turned worse.

We left Thursday morning with a bus filled with partypeople, hoping to arrive before dark and rain. On the way to the festival we had several cases of slamming rain so our hopes of getting there while it was dry were slim. Luckily it cleared up when we got closer and when we got there it was completely dry. Our first (and last) lucky break.

About an hour after arrival the rain started coming down and would not stop until Friday afternoon, shortly before the festival would open. It then rained by bits during the festival which turned the entire festival area into a liquid mud. Most people brought rubber boots so they didn’t care and partied hard anyway.

I was working in the Muna tent which was split up into 2 nights; the first one being the UponYou label night featuring Marco Resmann, Marcus Meinhardt, Empro and other label artists. The second night was Freude am Tanzen with Feindrehstar (live), Mathias Kaden and Marek Hemmann.

The tent got so incredibly full when Mathias Kaden played (more rocked) the people were literally forced into the backstage leaving the security clueless. They just couldn’t handle the massive stream of people wanting to get into the tent. We had to let people who wanted out, exit the tent through the backstage. It was crazy…

Marek played right after him, doing a SMASHING performance with a live singer (whose name I forgot, sorry). In the morning the sun even started to show itsself which made Marcus Meinhardt’s closing at the main stage all the more fun.

But the most fun would come between 4 and 5 in the afternoon in the Muna tent, at least that was planned. What wasn’t planned was that the announced thunderstorms made the Muna close early around 15:30. A bit of a sad ending, but safety first… although looking at the fact that water was flowing into the Muna tent, something which you’ve never would have seen in Holland, that maybe a bit of a double standard…

Unfortunately not a lot of pics due to a shitty camera. I had tons of cool videos which got f*cked up when we watched the videos on an apple and then put the card back in the camera. That’s one thing I’ll never do again…