RBMA iPad event @ Trouw (16.09.10)

Red Bull Music Academy organized an event in the Amsterdam club Trouw to promote the launch of their iPad/iPhone application.

An email was sent, explaining it would start at 21:30. Right on time we got to Trouw, only to realize the demonstration/explanation started at 20:30, so bummer…

But being the nerd that I am, I found out myself, while playing on a demo model in the specially designed ‘demo room’, on top of the Trouw balcony, with freshly painted red walls.

Like I said, Red Bull Music Academy launched their application and that was what this event was all about. Red Bull put some effort into it, flying in more than a dosen journalists/photographers for it.

There were 3 rooms in total. The basement was a demo with the the RBMA app on an iphone, the upstairs demo room, where you could fiddle around with it yourself and the main room, where Joris Voorn was dj-ing on 2 iPads.

I don’t know WHY they launched an application like this, probably while they can :) The big disadvantage in my opinion is you’re limited to the tracks on your iPhone/iPad. You can’t connect an external USB drive with music to it.

The app itself is quite expensive, € 24,99 (so I’m told). The lite version is free and can be downloaded through iTunes (link below). I haven’t tried it yet, but if I will, I’ll write something about it…. (if I want to…)