Qlimax (27.11.10)

About a week ago I also was in the Gelredome. Then it was for a Prince concert, this time it was work; Qlimax 2010.

Definetely not my kind of music, but work can’t always be perfect. And since none of ‘my engineers’ could go, I had to go myself.

We arrived around 8, well in time to easily hook up our gear and get settled with the laptop (yea for wifi). All the regular seats were ‘covered’ with huge stands, built on top of the regular seating. I managed to find a perfect spot below these stands, in a press ‘box’ which had power, a table and a comfy chair. With wifi available for crew I was able to get some work done, with powerfull headphones on, which ‘drowned’ the hardstyle.

With the gear closeby I was perfectly in place. I was sitting next to the ‘hallway’ where people were dragged to the first aid…. Man, it seemed like it was going on non stop. Time flew by faster than I expected. It was 9 in the morning when I came home finally… I’m glad next weekend is Time Warp.