Popkomm 2010

For my work for DJ Monitor I went to the music fair Popkomm which took place from Sept. 8-10 at the former airport Tempelhof in the middle of Berlin.

Popkomm didn’t took place in 2009 (donnow why) but that reflected in this years number of delegates/participants. There weren’t as many as we had hoped for so that was kind of a let-down.

The first day we looked around to see what was where and to check out who was attending. On Thursday we went back and did some interesting meetings but most of them were outside of the conference, since the people we met with, weren’t interested in going to Popkomm.

Thursday night we went to the Weekend Club on the 12th floor with a nice view over Berlin. Behind the decks was Monika Kruse, which made sense since it was the 10th anniversary of her label Terminal M. We didn’t stay late, since we had some meetings planned the day after and I wanted to visit Berlin Festival Friday night. Click here for Berlin Festival pics and vids.