Pollerwiesen (14.06.09)

The last time I visited Pollerwiesen is ages ago (at least 2 or 3 years), so when the opportunity came to get a lift to Cologne on the day of Pollerwiesen, I grabbed it and went to the Jugendpark next to the Rhine.

The way to Cologne was a disaster. 220 km would normally take you max 2 hours. We used a total of 4 hours in total because of traffic jams and accidents.

We finally arrived at the park around 6 pm where Tolga Fidan (TUR) was playing his live set. I never heard of him but his sound was actually very nice.

Rain started to drip out of the sky but people didn’t care a lot and when some sun was added while raining, the sphere got even better. Security guards brought small party tents from the backstage so people could still dance (and be dry).

We stayed about 2 hours since my leg was acting up and we were tired from the day before (Voltt). So we headed to my friends house and crashed the night away. A very worthy weekend.