Sometimes I have the need for a plugin which is not already offered somewhere, so often I decide to write my own plugin, since I then know exactly what it does and have full control over it.

Most plugins I write are specific plugins for customers and never see the (public) light of day. Some do and some I adapt to make them public. This is an overview of some of my public plugins.

Action Logger

Action Logger is a Wordpress plugin which logs various user actions.
Version: 1.0.0


This plugin gives you the option to import CSV data through file import and stores it in a custom table or in post/user meta table.
Version: 0.1

B3 Onboarding

This plugin help you 'onboard' (in other words register/add) new users to your site in the smoothest way possible.
Version: 2.0.0-beta

Events Manager Emails

An email extension for the Wordpress plugin 'Events Manager'. This plugin gives you the option to send an email to every person who registered for an event, through Events Manager.
Plugin type: extension
Version: 0.1

ACF City Selector

This plugin creates a new field for the "Advanced Custom Fields" plugin, where you can select a country, a state and a city.
Plugin type: extension
Version: 0.22.1

GigaTools Widget

This plugin has the same features as the widget which is available through your GigaTools profile page, but now you can manage it inside your WordPress admin area.
Version: 0.2.1
Plugin is abandoned.


This plugin adds TinyNav.js to your wp_head() so your menu(s) will be converted into a menu which is better readable on mobile screens.
Version: 1.4
Plugin is abandoned.
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