Nachtdigital 2011

My 2nd time Nachtdigital. We left perfectly in time from Amsterdam and Utrecht with a doubledecker bus filled with partypeople, ready to go wild for about 48 hours.

Our departure was perfect, but after about an hour, the heating element showed the motor was overheating, so we drove into a garage at 3 am, where a mechanic was waiting. He checked it, fixed it and after about 2 hours we were on our way again.

We arrived before the opening of the festival which gave us the possibility to pick a nice spot to camp. We set up camp with about 15 acquintances and chilled until the first dj’s were about to start.

Without going into details, the weekend was lots of fun. It rained and there was also lots of sun, about 30 degrees. It was fun but I’m not going camping anymore ;)