Nachtdigital 13

My first time Nachtdigital in Olganitz. In a huge bus with about 75 other people we drove through the night to arrive shortly before noon at the site.

Since nobody is allowed on the area before 1 pm we had to wait 2 hours which we killed by sitting in the sun and chilling being one of the first. When we finally got in we had first pick and had a perfect spot under the trees.

We still had to wait about 8 hours before the first dj would play so we brought out the barbecue and grilled some meat and chilled by our tent. At night I crashed a bit since I didn’t sleep during the entire bustrip. Somewhere after midnight I woke up and made my way to the festival area (only a 2 minute walk).

I spent some time listening to Scuba in the tent, which was very nice. After that it was on to the outdoor stage where James Holden played 5 hours or so, so we didn’t leave that stage until the sun was up.

After some swimming, crashing and chilling it was time for day 2 with Karosel, a coöperation between Mathias Kaden, Marbert Rocel and Michael Nagler. This was one of the highlights of the weekend, sitting on the beach in a chair, smoking up, listening to good music.

After that Supermayer (Superpitcher b2b with Michael Mayer) took the stage for a 4 hour set, which was very cool. I liked it a lot… When Ada started the energy started to drop a bit. Supermayer was great but it kinda dozed of with her, so I went to my tent to crash a bit.

I woke up in time again to go back to the festival and catch the morning and afternoon part, where lots of people were dancing in the water, chilling on the beach or in a rubber boat. At 3 in the afternoon the party was over and we all had to pack again to undergo the journey back home, but it was oh so worth it. What a party !