Mysteryland 2010

It was Saturdaymorning 7 am when my alarmclock went of to wake me up to go to Mysteryland. The day before we dropped of all our equipment and now it was time to hook ’em all up.

We got to it (almost) without any problems but after that it was time to check it all out properly.

As always the decorations and the stages looked amazing. ID&Q knows how to impress people and how to dress up a festival. The Q stage (hardstyle) was stunning. It consisted of different chess pieces which looked very impressive.

The mainstage was incredible as well (as always). It looked like a giant sort of peacock. I couldn’t quite see what it was, if it was meant to be something, like last year’s birthday cake.

In the ‘recreational’ are there was a camper home, filled with water where you could have an underwater picture taken of yourself, which was a huge hit throughout the day (see video).

The Heineken Star Club was a non-stop party with golden oldies. Also behind the dj botth (on stage) there was a possibility to dress-up, with clothes provided by Club Zonder Filter. One of the hits of the party was K-Liber who did live show in front of a packed star club (see video).

While walking around throughout the day I heard bits and pieces from Melon, Cari Lekebusch, Red Shape, Eric de Man aka Kaiser und Der Mann (but then without the Kaiser who had to work somewhere else on the festival…), Wouter de Moor, Dorine Dorado, Red Robin, Marcus Meinhardt and to close it all off a killer ending by Boyz Noize. Man did he threw some energy into that place. Wow, I was blown away in the last minutes of the festival.

After that we gathered all our gear and went home feeling very satisfied… We’ve had so many luck with the weather like you wouldn’t believe… On to next year !