Midnight Freaks (12.03.11)

The freaks come out at night is a saying which everybody knows… Depending on how you define freaks, it’s kinda true.

Yesterday I went to Club Air with Norman Weber (Luna City Express) who had to play there at the night “Midnight Freaks”. We got it around 1, when William Kouam Djoko was doing his live set.

Maybe we were too late to see the freaks, but the people who were there were like sandbags. Noboy moved an inch, it looked more like a bar where people were hanging out and talking instead of enojying the music and dance. Now William did a live set, which often kills the dancing mood, but people just observe.

Unfortunately it didn’t get any better when Norman started his set. People were hardly dancing, which kinda killed the mood. We had plans to go to Studio 80 afterwards, but I skipped it.

Norman Weber @ Midnight Freaks