Melt! Festival 2010

This year it was Melt’s 13th edition (and my 7th) and I had arranged 3 busses filled with people going to the festival, departing from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Breda. 160 people in total; a new ‘Melt’ record.

The campsite was pretty full when we arrived in Gräfenhainichen. Our regular spot was taken so we had to look for a new one. Since the campsite is normally a corn field, all the remains are still there which can cut your feet in a nasty way.

One thing we really missed was the camping store which would provide you with anything from cigarettes to condoms and beer to toothbrushes but that’s no dealbreaker.

Again the weather was scorching hot, which made sleeping almost impossible so we had to sleep outside under a partytent because in our own tents it was too damn hot.

We started on Thursday with the camping party. There were several but the biggest one was thrown by (ofcourse) 2 Dutch guys. A huge crowd gathered around their tent but since we didn’t want to get fucked up on the 1st night already we took it easy.

The 2nd day we did some shopping, swimming and finally at night we got ready to go the festival area to our favourite stage; the Big Wheel floor. Marcel Dettmann was our first ‘act’ of the night who played a nice set. Followed by Shed (live) which was very cool, never heard of him.

Then it was of to the Gemini stage where Groove Armada was playing. I’ve seen them quite some times, but this time they rocked the house again. The tent was going at it… Very cool ! Definetely one of the festival highlights.

Then on to The XX since I wanted to know what all the fuzz was about, but I was very disappointed so I left and went back to the Big Wheel which almost never disappoints.

I ended up smoking joints in the Big Wheel crane with Ricardo V. and since we’re both very much into the green I didn’t leave there for the first 2 hours. I wanted to check Booka Shade for a bit before Ricardo would play but when I sat on the stair overlooking the mainstage I thought it would be best to get some sleep. The joints kicked in :)

Day 2 began (musicly) with Hemman & Kaden doing one of their rare live sets and it was rocking ! dOP’s performance on the other hand, right after Marek & Mathias’ set, was very disappointing. After seeing them play on the Muna stage last year (which rocked the dog’s bollocks) I had high hopes, but nothing like this.

Then it was on to Chris Cunningham because I was hella curious to see what he would do. He opened up a can of terror beats like you wouldn’t believe. It was very nice but also very intense so I didn’t stay for the entire set.

Back to the Big Wheel Floor to take a look at Joris Voorn’s set (video) because (imo) you have to support your fellow ‘country men’ when they’re playing abroad and you’re there as well. Then it was on to the mainstage to hear some bits of turntablist DJ Shadow whose music I like a lot. And to close the night of a bit of Moderat which was very cool…. Nice beats and cool visuals (Pfadfinderei).

The last day began for me in the afternoon on the Sleepless Floor (hosted by Home Sweet Home) with sets by Mutlu, Sven Wozniak, Marcus Meinhardt and Empro. When it was dark again I refreshed and went back to the festival to hear Massive Attack and finish it of at the Sleepless Floor again.

Massive Attack was just too cool to hear. The only other time I heard them play was Pukkelpop 2002 (by heart). Then it was cool and this time it was again. It was super to hear “Unfinished Sympathy” and “Tear Drop” live.

The next morning about 150 people gathered again to enter the busses and then immediately fall into a deep coma. The trip went smooth and before you know it, we were back at home. Until next year…. (maybe, not sure yet…)