Loveland 2010

Just when I had planned to go out Fridaynight I was asked to drop of something at Loveland the day after, at 9 in the morning. After 3,5 hours sleep I kinda regret I said I would.

When I arrived, early in the morning, I was amazed how big the location was. I had to be drop of something at the Underground stage, which was of course located at the other end of the festival area.

Somebody told me to go right at the end and then walk another 5 minutes… I thought he was joking… he wasn’t… When I got there, I found 3 areas tugged away in the woods; the mainstage (Fire), a tent (Rise) and an area made from an old army truck (Underground Stage). The entire festival looked very nice. No complaints there.

The security however was a bit too tight. All personnel had to go through security checks even before the festival was opened. All crew members and even the female dancers had lockers between the regular visitors. A bit weird…

I did my thing there and was gone again before 11 am.

I then went home, gathered new gear and went to Deventer to drop of some gear for an event the next day called City Moves. Due to some transport probs I went by train so it took me a while to get back and forth.

I was back at Loveland at 6 in the afternoon, to catch Sebastian Leger at the mainstage and the last part of Michael Mayer’s set and a bit of Gregor Salto (a girl dragged me there, I know… NOT my choice of music).

It got better when we moved to T-Dansant for Erick Morillo but I due to having only have had 3,5 hours of sleep I was too tired to go on anymore so I bailed… My couch seemed more appealling after a night and a day like this…