Klinch @ Melkweg (06.05.11)

Friday was a special day. Karocel was scheduled to play in the Melkweg. Karocel is a project by Mathias Kaden, Marbert Rocel and Mitchi Nagler.

I first heard them at NachtDigital where they rocked the mainstage in the sun, which was one of the best sets of the summer.

And now they were in my hometown in one of my favourite locations. Since the weather was extremely nice, even at night, the terrace in the backstage was open, so we all sat in the dark by the water, chilling, smoking and relaxing…

Until it was showtime. I mentioned 3 names, but it was 6 of them in total on stage. Also a sax player, a keyboard/organ player and a female singer. Don’t know their names, but they were welcome additions (they were also on ND13).

I can’t describe the music (yet). It’s melodic, funky and catchy. I have 27 min non-stop video but Youtube won’t let me upload it, so I need to find something else ;) If I find it, the video will also be posted here.

The gig ran way longer than planned, about half an hour, but nobody cared, because it was beautiful… To close of the night Jason Shae and Pete Bandit were playing back to back and as you can see on the video their set was nice and they had lots of fun themselves… Pete’s always going at it… :)

Karocel @ Melkweg (06.05.11)