Joris Voorn Birthday

Some nights are just unexpectedly good; like Joris Voorn’s birthday. I didn’t expect a full club, but when I arrived there was a huge queue and it was full. It was 1 in, 1 out.

This looked promising which was only more confirmed when I came in, this party was ON !!!

Joris played very nice, the floor was packed and so was the dj booth. Not only was it Joris’ birthday, also Studio 80/Quazar/Welcome to the Future frontman Gert van Veen celebrated his ‘so manyth’ birthday. So party everywhere.

When I came in Deetron had just played and Joris had just started. In the backroom played Joris’ partner in crime Edwin Oosterwal, together with Eva Maria, who both played a lot more ‘housy’ than the tunes in the main room. Also very nice…

Back in the main room Joris and Deetron were now playing B2B and the booth was even more packed. Everybody was dancing or moving, it was fun and the music was so good… I went for a quick drink and to say hi, but I ended staying untill closing. This was definetely a worthy night for Studio 80.

Joris Voorn @ his birthday @ Studio 80

Deetron @ Joris Voorn's birthday @ Studio 80