Ibiza (04.07.11)

I had some money to spend so I bought a roundtrip ticket to go clubbing in Ibiza for 1 night. The reason was a friend (Marco Resmann/Luna City Express) was playing in DC10 and to catch some rays of sun.

I flew in and chilled on the beach where I was intrigued by a weird ship (see pics), until the driver picked us up from the hotel to go to DC10. When we came in Anthony Collins was playing in the main room and somebody else (I forgot) was playing on the terrace.

The atmosphere was timid and unfortunately Marco couldn’t improve it. He played a nice set, but the crowd wasn’t too eager. Afterwards we chilled for a bit until we went to Amnesia for Cocoon with a group of people where we stayed until the early hours.

After sleeping for a couple of hours, it was time to pack it in and fly back home. It was a fun night, defintely worth repeating.