Home Sweet Home (23.05.10)

For weeks I had planned this trip to Berlin and I was hella excited to go… Saturday around 1 I left my house and returning 10 min later for a forgotten passport. I rushed oved to the train station to find out the train was 30 minutes delayed. A good start of my trip….

But finally I was on my way to my favorite city… As you can see I take quite good care of myself… watching a movie on my minibook while working on my laptop… German trains FTW !

I slept at a friends place who also was organising the party so he was not there the entire weekend. I got myself ready to go out and then crashed on the couch with my laptop watching tv series…. Since the party would go on for about 36 hours I didn’t think I had to go there the entire time so I slept and chilled…

Day 2
The party was held at the (former) Rundfunk Zentrum, somewhere south along the river Spree. People were chilling in the grass while Empro was playing. Very nice… Ewan Pearson took over and was supposed to be relieved by Guido Schneider to take over… who thought he had to play the next day so he was too late and never came….I stayed until sun down before walking around downtown.

At night the party moved indoor where Pascal FEOS kicked ass with the soundsystem (so I’m told, since I wasn’t there). The sound was AWFULLY loud but everybody seemed to like, bleeding ears or not…

Day 3
I wanted to do something ‘cultural’ so I went back to the same place I was almost 20 years ago, when I first saw the Berlin wall upclose. And although the wall has been repainted (with the same drawings), it was still very nice to see some drawings I remembered from being a kid, like “the kiss” from Hönecker and Chroestjow (if it’s spelled like that).

After my trip down memory lane, I went back to the location, where there were maybe 50 people left… Too bad since the weather was real nice…. Unfortunately not long after Normen (LCE) started playing, it started dripping a bit but quickly it turned into a genuine rainstorm, which immediately killed the party. Now Normen was the last dj but still… I bet everybody wanted a different end, although the dancing under the plastic was fun :)