Here & Now (16.10.10)

Here & Now was a party thrown by someone/some organization who wanted to get into the party biz. They booked all local dj’s, no real headliner and hardly did any promotion.

Needless to say the party didn’t have a lot of visitors, but the music was nice and they had a kick ass soundsystem.

I went to hear Polder play live, which they hadn’t done yet in Holland in 2010 and wanted to go early to also hear Olene Kadar.

I heard about 20 minutes from Olene before Polder started their set. I might be prejudiced since I love their music, but I liked it a lot… Nuno took over after him and after the last drink I went home… Next week is Amsterdam Dance Event so I need my rest before those 4 days of meetings/parties.

Polder @ Here & Now