Hell & Dunkel Open Air 2011

My first time Hell & Dunkel Open Air. Unfortunately there was no demand for a bus trip but maybe next year. This meant I also had to fix my own transportation instead of going by bus, since it’s a bit too far on my scooter.

But thanks to my loving parents I was able to drive up to Wachtendonk (just across the border in Venray). I arrived (way too) early, 2 hours before opening, to setup my recorders. Since their partnership with a radio station was discontinued they didn’t have a partner who would take care of this.

Since the promoters knew of my activities for DJ Monitor I was asked to do this, which I why I was there (besides to party). I setup within 30 minutes so I chilled in a hammock until the party would start. If the recorders would keep running this day was gonna be a smooth one.

The weather for one was perfect, about 30 degrees, no clouds, German babes in bikini and a good atmosphere all around. When the party opened, it seemed their stage managers didn’t show, so together with my German homie Ramon we helped them out a bit during the day.

On the line-up dOP, one of my favourite live acts from the past years, which always guarantees fun. I worked with them a few times before, so then it’s always a bit more fun. And the fun didn’t end, because after them was Amsterdam homie Boris Werner, accompanied by his booker; enfant terrible Vassallo (for those who know) and after that Karotte to top it of…

I don’t have to say we had a blast, definetely one of the best events this summer !

(all photos/videos shot with iPhone, sorry, forgot my HD cam)