Free Your Mind Festival 2011

Free Your Mind was a long week this year. I was on the festival area from Monday ’till Sunday, taking photos of the buildup and all things around it… Pics of it will be online later, but first the festival.

The weather had been scorching all week, giving the entire crew a nice tan and on the day itself it was no different. Free Your Mind has always had 1 key ingredient; dust. And this year we had again plenty of it.

The festival opened at noon and as of then we started running, taking pics and shooting mini videos all over the festival area and putting them immediately on the Free Your Mind Facebook page.

I can’t say I have heard one artist more than 10 minutes before moving on to the next stage, mostly even shorter. The day went smooth without any problems and we were all glad when the fireworks started. Another successful edition of Free Your Mind, on to the 10th.