Drink tokens

On lots of parties you have to pay with prepaid drink tokens. And always you have too many in the end and they can’t be used again, so they’re worthless, except for emotional value.

If you don’t recognise them, amongst them are coins from the following parties: 013, 020, Awakenings, Chemistry, Dance Valley Winter Reunion, Extrema, Heineken Music Hall, Hemkade 48, Impulz, Integrate (shaped like a vinyl record, with grooves, one of my favorites), Kozzmozz, Lief Festival, Mazzo, Mysteryland, Panama, Paradiso, PiekUp, Powerzone, Q-Base, Sans Souci, Solaris, Studio 80, Thunderdome, Tresor, Trouw, Tumult, U60311, Vat 69 (Leeuwarden), Voltt, Westerunie, Winkel van Sinkel, Zalen Schaaf Leeuwarden, «O».

Drink coins