Dirty Dutch (20.12.08)

Innercity is history, now it was Dirty Dutch which took place in the Amsterdam RAI on December 20. 4 Areas of music with Chuckie in the mainroom playing 9 hours back to back with several other dj’s.

The room was decorated very nicely, but we preferred to stay in the techno area with Boris Werner, Rauwkost, Secret Cinema, Warren Fellow and Steve Rachmad.

There was 1 disadventage this night; having to go out of sight to smoke a joint without having to go to this hidious smoking area. But I was not alone, when Steve came in and saw me hiding he confessed he didn’t bring his grass, affraid it would be taken from him upon entry. So we we took turns ducking behind curtains and speakers to stay out of sight while smoking. It was fun :)