CnB Convention 2010

CnB is the bizznizz part of the C/O Pop Festival (which is a name that more people will know) and I was attending this years convention.

I was going there to promote the service of DJ Monitor, which is a great tool for artists/publishers/labels/promoters.

I spent Friday on the convention, meeting with a lot of promoters, labels and even lawyers. We went to diner at a BBQ in the park, sponsored by Reeperbahn Festival and went back to the hotel.

My colleague crashed on the bed but I refreshed myself and went back into town, to meet with a German friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen in a while. Together with her and some of her friends we went to a recently opened club: The Goldener Club, which was first The Golden Dachshund Club.

We came in around midnight when the lounge and the club below were still quite empty. The lounge looked nice, comfy and luxurious. The club was very nice and slick. Everything in white, the speakers, the bar, the seats, the floor, the ceiling. It was all white.

I was very tired from running around all day so I left somewhere after 2. After sleeping in properly we packed our bags and drove back home. Even though we had only one proper day at the convention, it was definitely worth it.