Party videos

I used to go out a lot. Whenever I did, I (used to) bring my camera with me and I shoot some clips, which I throw on Youtube, unedited. Check my channel for the most recent videos, because I stopped adding them here (for now).

I will start adding old old photo galleries again. I still have thousands of photos which I want to add...
  • Strafwerk (02.11.12)

      December 3, 2011
    Luna City Express
    Strafwerk (translation: detention) was a party I had never heard of before, but I was soon to find out, since Luna City Express (Marco Resmann & Norman Weber) were playing there. The party was great fun, with people on stage folding paper planes, throwing paper balls in to the club, like one does in detention.
  • Anton Pieete @ Paladium (25.11.11)

      November 26, 2011
    Paladium, Arnhem
    Anton Pieete called out for a driver on his Facebook and since I had nothing planned, I agreed to drive him to and from Arnhem. He had to play there and his driver wanted to drink as well, so I had to be the sober one. We drove there and got to a gig which was a disaster. There were about 30 people (including staff). Needless to say it was a tough party.
  • Azari and III @ Gretchen (19.11.11)

      November 20, 2011
    Azari and III @ Gretchen, Berlin
    I was back in Berlin and I found out Azari and III was playing that day. With nothing planned yet, I went to the concert, which was nice. The location was super, check the ceiling.
  • Fly Bermuda (05.11.11)

      November 6, 2011
    Ellen Allien @ Fly BerMuDa
    The festival which officially 'closed' the entire weekend (not counting the numerous after parties); Fly BerMuDa. I arrived fairly late, around 2 am. Just in time to catch Ellen Allien. I spent the most time in the Beatport room where Deadbeat and Âme were playing.
  • Levee Club / Kater Holzig (04.11.11)

      November 5, 2011
    Kater Holzig
    My first night in Berlin (of this weekend). I started out in the Levee Club where a Dutch night was organized with Dimzen & Wijnand van de Heuvel. Unfortunately this party was kind of a dud so I left for Kater Holzig after to see Tom Ruijg and Efdé playing a nice set in a packed club.
  • Pressure Cooker (28.10.11)

      October 30, 2011
    Dimitri @ Trouw
    Dimitri played solo again in Trouw on his own party Pressure Cooker. I was lucky enough to be invited to this packed party which was 'off the hook'. There was a moving ceiling which went up and down, like a cooking pan creating the pressure. A damn good night.
  • Amsterdam Dance Event – day 4 (22.10.11)

      October 25, 2011
    Guti @ Voltt
    Day 4, the end is near... I was starting to feel what ADE does to you, namely exhaust you. It's a marathon of clubs, parties and shaking hands... This night I went to the Voltt party in Paradiso, which was packed to the max, all for the Desolat party with Loco Dice and Guti.
  • Amsterdam Dance Event – day 3 (21.10.11)

      October 25, 2011
    Dave Clarke @ Melkweg
    The third day of the conference was all meetings again and with a packed nightly program. I started the night with a friend on the Vakant label party in Odeon where Nico Purman was playing.
  • Amsterdam Dance Event – day 2 (20.10.11)

      October 25, 2011
    Richie Hawtin @ Boiler Room
    Day 2 of Amsterdam was a very nice day. After having an entire day filled with meetings I got to go to the private Boilerroom party featuring Richie Hawtin. I was very late (I missed the sets by Dubfire, Ambivalent and Seth Troxler) and was one of the last ones allowed in. I got to see about 45 minutes but it was worth it.
  • Amsterdam Dance Event – day 1 (19.10.11)

      October 24, 2011
    Black Asteroid @ Studio 80
    The first day of Amsterdam Dance Event 2011. I went to a lot of parties (while I still had the energy) and thus I have a lot of videos. On the first day I visited the following parties: CLR @ Studio 80, Dr. Lektroluv @ Air, Bpitch @ Sugar Factory, Groove Armada @ Melkweg/Rabozaal and the Intec party @ Paradiso.