I used to go out a lot. Whenever I did, I (used to) bring my camera with me and I shoot some clips, which I throw on Youtube, unedited. Check my channel for the most recent videos, because I stopped adding them here (for now).

I will start adding old old photo galleries again. I still have thousands of photos which I want to add...

Strafwerk (02.11.12)

  December 3, 2011

Strafwerk (translation: detention) was a party I had never heard of before, but I was soon to find out, since Luna City Express (Marco Resmann & Norman Weber) were playing there.

The party was great fun, with people on stage folding paper planes, throwing paper balls in to the club, like one does in detention.

Anton Pieete @ Paladium (25.11.11)

  November 26, 2011

Anton Pieete called out for a driver on his Facebook and since I had nothing planned, I agreed to drive him to and from Arnhem. He had to play there and his driver wanted to drink as well, so I had to be the sober one.

We drove there and got to a gig which was a disaster. There were about 30 people (including staff). Needless to say it was a tough party.

Azari and III @ Gretchen (19.11.11)

  November 20, 2011

I was back in Berlin and I found out Azari and III was playing that day. With nothing planned yet, I went to the concert, which was nice.

The location was super, check the ceiling.

Fly Bermuda (05.11.11)

  November 6, 2011

The festival which officially 'closed' the entire weekend (not counting the numerous after parties); Fly BerMuDa. I arrived fairly late, around 2 am.

Just in time to catch Ellen Allien. I spent the most time in the Beatport room where Deadbeat and Âme were playing.

Levee Club / Kater Holzig (04.11.11)

  November 5, 2011

My first night in Berlin (of this weekend). I started out in the Levee Club where a Dutch night was organized with Dimzen & Wijnand van de Heuvel.

Unfortunately this party was kind of a dud so I left for Kater Holzig after to see Tom Ruijg and Efdé playing a nice set in a packed club.

Pressure Cooker (28.10.11)

  October 30, 2011

Dimitri played solo again in Trouw on his own party Pressure Cooker. I was lucky enough to be invited to this packed party which was 'off the hook'.

There was a moving ceiling which went up and down, like a cooking pan creating the pressure. A damn good night.

Amsterdam Dance Event – day 4 (22.10.11)

  October 25, 2011

Day 4, the end is near... I was starting to feel what ADE does to you, namely exhaust you. It's a marathon of clubs, parties and shaking hands...

This night I went to the Voltt party in Paradiso, which was packed to the max, all for the Desolat party with Loco Dice and Guti.

Amsterdam Dance Event – day 3 (21.10.11)

  October 25, 2011

The third day of the conference was all meetings again and with a packed nightly program.

I started the night with a friend on the Vakant label party in Odeon where Nico Purman was playing.

Amsterdam Dance Event – day 2 (20.10.11)

  October 25, 2011

Day 2 of Amsterdam was a very nice day. After having an entire day filled with meetings I got to go to the private Boilerroom party featuring Richie Hawtin.

I was very late (I missed the sets by Dubfire, Ambivalent and Seth Troxler) and was one of the last ones allowed in. I got to see about 45 minutes but it was worth it.

Amsterdam Dance Event – day 1 (19.10.11)

  October 24, 2011

The first day of Amsterdam Dance Event 2011. I went to a lot of parties (while I still had the energy) and thus I have a lot of videos.

On the first day I visited the following parties: CLR @ Studio 80, Dr. Lektroluv @ Air, Bpitch @ Sugar Factory, Groove Armada @ Melkweg/Rabozaal and the Intec party @ Paradiso.